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~co-creators LeeAnne Mongomery & Dan Ventrelli 

A new shade of green.
Pavay, by definition, means to attain and become. And that’s exactly what we will help you do, to attain glowing, healthy skin, and become the best version of yourself. We are a company with a deep history in skin care. It’s our passion.

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Our co-founder, LeeAnne started on the road to sharing beauty as a little girl, giving makeovers to anyone who would sit still long enough. This love for beauty at a young age paved the way for a successful career as a hairstylist, esthetician and spa owner. But still she had more to give in her quest for beauty and healthy skin.


LeeAnne and our other co-founder Dan joined forces to build a successful salon/spa and medspa, and ran the business's for 15 years, working side-by-side with some of the best and award-winning estheticians and skin care specialists in the industry.


And after years of gathering expertise and knowledge they began formulating their own skin care line with a renowned chemist. They were very specific in formulating a line that would give even the most experienced skin care professional a vehicle for creating beautiful and healthy skin, for all skin types and challenges. All while maintaining the commitment to being as organic as possible with products that actually made a difference. 


And in 2008, with the completion of a full skin care line, St Paul, MN based Pavay Corporation was born. We take the best that nature has to offer, and make it better through professional experience and the precision of science.


We are organically effective—naturally derived yet effectively predisposed. 


We are the beauty of nature, elevated by human innovation. And we make skin care that works.


Our extraordinary line incorporates over 70% of only the best certified-organic ingredients from around the globe, and is also 97% naturally derived. These incredible ingredients are then scientifically formulated to create the best skin care products possible that meet our Organically Effective promise.


Our skin care boasts all natural, organic facial clay cleansing bars, and rejuvenating facial clay masks—both derived from our skin nurturing PavayPure® proprietary blend of all natural organic clays directly harvested from the desert caverns of Arizona. This extraordinary material boasts the highest level of zinc, trace minerals and moisture content ever found in a base clay.


We offer a comprehensive care system for all skin types that will purify, lift, firm, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles through the use of organic essential oils, all-natural botanicals, and multivitamins and minerals with no added fillers.


The Pavay® product line was founded in 2008 and is proudly formulated, manufactured, and produced locally in St Paul, Minnesota, USA!
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